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How to write a case study

Anna Metcalfe

Cantaloupe Ltd | B2B specialist | 2020 Prize winner | Time Consultant Marketer

You may have heard of the "Power of Case Study". But how do you write a story that your audience is engaged and motivated? In this post, I explain the value of the case studies and gives you a simple framework for the construction of.

We are all extremely busy. And there is so much noise around us. Online, Social Media, E-mail. Wherever we go, there are marketing messages to absorb.

and b2b is no different. Their interested parties are real people who are bombarded with news and information. So how can you cut all this sound and show how your product or service can help you?

Well written case studies.

Often overlooking many companies (for their loss), case studies (or success stories, if they want), their marketing costs can actually reduce. You see my explanation of this logic here.

I bet you read product reviews? Me too. They are often influenced by my purchase. And I do not even know the reviewers! Well done, case studies have exactly the same performance for more complex purchase decisions. So get here to bring your order.

writes a case study is like telling a story

Move your mindset if necessary. If you write a case study, write a story. And all stories have a remarkably similar structure.

Listen to see case studies as another sales distance for your product.

in every story (and this is no exception):

There is a hero: That's your customer. Not your product.

  • You have a problem: the challenge you had before you have decided for your product or service.
  • You make a "guide": You are you (and your products).
  • with support, overcome your challenge and ...
  • avert a catastrophe or have a tremendous success!

It could sound simple. But there is a capability. The most important thing is to effectively weave your case study to weave this structure so that your reader is moved in and is engaged emotionally.

You will appreciate the problem because you also have the problem. And they will be understood with the words of their customer (which should be their focus), because they feel too.

See why great case studies are far more powerful than sales of functions and advantages? They are an incredible asset for your company.

the stages of writing a case study

How do you write a case study in this way? They follow a series of steps and always remember ... The hero is her customer, not her product.

Through the use of this proven method, you will also find that your customers will be happier to involve the process. It seems the light on them. It is also for you.

Step 1: Make Your Research

Planning is essential if you create a fantastic case study. Here are some points to consider:

  • determine your angle or your hook
  • Get a commitment from your customer and ask them for an interview (phone or face to face)
  • pull the background together in the house. How did you help your purchase process? When did you buy? Can you identify any performance facts from your page?
  • Who will run the customer interview?

Step Two: Plan the customer interview

That needs something thought. You want to create your questions before the interview. Ideally, you can send it to your customers by e-mail so you have time to consider your answers.

You may want to ask you:

  • What was your situation before bought your product? How difficult was it? How did you complete with the challenge? How did your business limited?
  • Which selection process did you use to sell your product or service?
  • What other solutions did you consider?
  • What did she do?
  • did that bought if there was an implementation phase, how does it work? Were there problems to overcome?
  • What were the short or medium-term results of buying your product or service? Identify the direct and indirect.
  • What's the future now?
  • How will your product help your business to develop?

During the interview itself, you have to go beyond the questions. How do you write a case study that keeps attention? They say it in the words of your customer. And as if the reader is sitting next to them. You need the right content. Collect it well.

Step Three: Observe your language

Akronyms and complex words will lose them. So, is not too smart. They try to write something she pulls and motivates them to contact them. Not something you confused with phrases that you do not understand.

Your reader may not be fully explored your industry. Remember, we're all busy. They create something that holds their hand and show them what a great "guide" you can be.

Step Four: Draft of your copy

Only when you are ready to write it. And give this time and focus that deserves it. You not only tick a box to finish it.

Use active language. Keep the story flow, with the structure that I touched up. You will gently weave in some important details for your product or service.

Remember that your customer is the hero. If your story meets the brand, the potential customer will contact you, and then it is time to cover all product details.

Destination for 800-1,200 words. This is a time for longer copy. And yes, you will read it when you look up with your own challenge.

Step Five: Consider your headline

I would suggest taking the headline to consider after creating the copy. You could first souff to many, then shut down.

The focus on an important success facts can be good. If you have a statistic for use, then go. For example:

"ABC Company saw 50% sales design after selecting XYZ product"

They strive for a news-like headline that is convinced of the reader's probable challenge.

You are all set!

After a good amount of recovery, proofing and approval of the approval of all involved, you should now have a powerful case study for integration into your marketing communication.

but not just stick it on your website.

After you have invested these assets, you can specify your sales team with PDFs that you can send directly to your prospects. You can include excerpts in your literature. And then there is the use of social media and e-mail to spread your message wide and widespread.

In view of the value to your customers, you can also use the case study. Or at least the people refer to it.

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